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Weekly Service:  $23.50

Plus $30 start-up fee

  • in-home consultation
  • diaper pail
  • 2 cloth pail liners
  • monthly deodorizer discs
  • snappi
  • abundant rental of prefold diapers
  • on-call care 7 days a week

When you first sign up for service, you will be charged 4 weeks of service plus a one time start-up fee for a total of $124. After your first month of service, for added convenience, you will be billed every 4 weeks with recurring payments of $94.

Additional Rental Options

  • 4 Diaper Covers $15
  • Cloth Wipes starting at $3 per week
  • Stay Dry Doublers, for night-time, starting at $2 per week

Discount Incentives

Diapering two or more children? Receive 15% off of weekly service.

Ask about our discounts for prepaid 26-weeks and 52-weeks of service.





What supplies will I need to start cloth diapering?  We recommend that you purchase 4-6 diaper covers and an extra Snappi. It is also recommended to have a wet bag to store soiled diapers while you are out and about. Feel free to use our Cover Rental, which is a better fit for the first few months baby is born. Also, consider our Cloth Wipe Rental, which is a perfect alternative to disposable wipes.

Order any supplies you may need in our Store and we will deliver with your next diaper delivery. 

Do I have to dunk/rinse the diapers?  You do not have to rinse, soak, or dunk our diapers as this can cause staining and damage. All that we request is that you shake out any loose material into the toilet when baby starts eating solids.  The diaper is taken off your baby, placed into the diaper pail, and picked up by our service.

How often should I change my baby’s diaper?  As soon as you realize that your baby is soiled or at least every two hours. This is true regardless of what kind of diaper you are using. It can cause irritation and rash if your baby stays in a soiled diaper too long. One of the biggest disadvantages to disposable diapers is that they contain chemicals that pull the urine away from the baby’s skin and parents have the tendency to leave their baby in the soiled diaper longer.  With the uric acid mixing with the chemicals there is a higher exposure of chemicals to their child’s delicate skin.

What about using diaper rash creams?  Cloth diapered babies are generally less likely to develop diaper rash than those in disposables. No matter what type of diaper you use, however,  you need to change your baby often, as soon as the diaper is soiled. If a rash should arise, we recommend using one of the cloth diaper friendly products below.

Chemical-Free Options:  LüSu Booty Balm, CJ’s BUTTer, BALM! Baby Diaper Rash Balm, Mother Love Rash & Thrush Balm, Grandma El’s, Angel Baby Bottom Balm, Baby Bottom Better, California Baby, Earthly Remedies, Magic Stick, Northern Essence Diaper Salve, Northern Essence Better Butter Cream, Coconut Oil, Claymazing Powder

What about cloth diapering at night-time?  Double on the cloth OR you can add our Stay Dry Doublers to your weekly service to add absorbency for overnight.

What if there is a strong odor coming from my diaper pail?   You will be provided with a natural citrus disc that will be replaced monthly. If you prefer a different scent, put a few drops of essential oil on a cotton ball and place that in the inside of the pail liner instead. Also, dumping any loose solids into the toilet helps.

What happens when I go on vacation?  Just give us a minimum of one week’s notice of when you want to place your service on hold while you will be on vacation. We will need to make a special arrangement to pick up all soiled diapers before you leave. 

How do I cancel service?  We require a minimum notice of two weeks for cancellation of service. If proper notice is not given, you will still be billed for the service regardless of if it is used or not.  

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